Ilo Graham

Isn’t she terrific??  This was another photo found at the same antique shop on the same day as my first find. I think Miss Ilo Graham looks intelligent, and impatient to get on with things. 

My process was pretty much the same as with the first photograph I found, except there was no matching photograph to confirm that I had located the right family.  However, as I searched Ancestry.com that day, I did find a photograph linked to this name.  The picture was of an older woman, standing with several other women in a back yard, all wearing aprons and looking at the camera as if to say, “Please take this picture and get on with it – we have work to do!”  I later found out that the photo of the women was taken in 1965, and that Ilo was likely a cousin of one of the ladies in the photograph.  The person I eventually contacted lives in Ohio, and we have both wondered how this photograph made its way to Atlanta.  The closest we could get was family members living in South Carolina, so we have wondered if this photo was perhaps part of an estate sale.  Again, it was a thrill to get this photograph back in the hands of family.

They are planning to have a family reunion this August – a tradition that has been continued since 1918.  I can’t wait to hear from them after the reunion.  Won’t it be fun to find out who remembers Ilo??