Grandma's Picture Box

A Little Mystery


Jessie Harris, Age 4

That’s all I know … “Jessie Harris, Age 4”

She seems very serious, doesn’t she? Wonder what or who has caught her attention – perhaps her mother?  Maybe a way out?

I’m not very good at dating old photographs, so I really have no idea when this was taken – early 1900s, perhaps?  I love her shiny shoes and her hair in pigtails, but I think I’m afraid of that fur rug.  Maybe that’s why Jessie isn’t smiling?

This was in a group of photographs I purchased in the early days of this new hobby.  Not all of them had identifying information, so little Jessie is proving to be a mystery.  I don’t know when or where the picture was taken, and Jessie Harris is a common enough name that it’s hard to narrow down a search.

If you have a guess as to when this may have been taken, let me hear from you.  If you know Jessie Harris or her family, PLEASE let me hear from you.  Otherwise, this sweet child will remain in my research notebook forever !