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Margaret Kimes

Her name is Margaret Kimes, according to the back of the postcard:

She writes to Perry Williams at Ft. William McHenry:  “Here is a picture but not a very good one. Hoping to receive one of yourself soon. I am a friend.”

I disagree with Margaret – I think it’s a terrific picture.  She’s got great hair, an intriguing smile, and a snappy suit.  I bet ol’ Perry was pretty happy to get this, don’t you?  Wonder if Margaret and Perry were friends, or “FRIENDS-friends ….”

This one has been hard to search.  Margaret’s and Perry’s names are not unusual enough to stand out in a crowd – or in a census or in a city directory.  The photograph was taken in W. Chester, PA.  Because there is no postmark on the postcard, I have to assume it was included with another letter or card to Perry.  Or – maybe she never sent it ???  That would be tragic.

I’ll keep searching, but would be happy to hear any suggestions you have.  For instance, I know very little about “Real Postcards,” except that they were exactly that – actual postcards made from personal photographs that you could drop in the mail.  That’s what this seems to be, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.  Feel free to educate me in your comments.

And if you know someone named Kimes, or if your great-uncle Perry Williams was stationed at Ft. Dix, give ’em a shout, and see what happens.