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There are some photos you almost hope you don’t find a family for ….

Carol Joan Richards

Little Miss Carol Joan Richards, of New Castle, PA (Freda’s oldest girl) is one of those photographs.  I found Carol Joan in an antique shop in Chamblee, Georgia, and almost left the photo in the box, but just couldn’t.  That face makes me smile every time I see it.  And I’m calling her “Carol Joan” instead of just “Carol” because it just seems to fit somehow.

I did some preliminary research, and I think I found her.  I started with a Google search, rather than heading directly to Ancestry.com, and stumbled across an obituary that seemed to lay it all out.  From the New Castle News, on May 1, 1969, was the obituary of Mrs. Richard T. (Carol) Pearson, Jr., age 37.  She was born in 1931 to Thomas L. and  Freda A. (McClelland) Richards, and married Richard Pearson in June 1954.  She was a nurse, and the paper listed her survivors as including three children, her parents, a sister and a brother.

That was it … enough names to get me headed in the right direction.  So I went to  Ancestry.com [you knew I would], and it didn’t take many clicks to find a family tree that contained information which seemed to line up with what I had already found. I sent a message to the owner of the tree, and he contacted me almost right away.  However, he is not one of Carol Joan’s direct descendants, and asked me to hold on to the photograph in hopes of contacting someone who is a closer relation.

So … here she is.  Perhaps one of her children or grandchildren will search for her online one day and stumble across this photo.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to look at her and grin, because, really … how could you not ???