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May I introduce Miss Maple Rollins?

According to the back of her photograph, she is a “girl from Phillips Maine who worked for Mother when Bobby was a baby at 16 Schley Street, Newark, NJ.”

I don’t know who “Mother” and “Bobby” are/were, but I did find a photo of 16 Schley Street in Newark, on the real estate site Trulia.com:

Map image of 16 Schley St, Newark NJ 07112

I assume it’s the house on the left.  That’s all I could find about the address with a quick search, but perhaps a more detailed search will give up more of the history of the house.

However, it wasn’t hard to find Miss Maple Rollins of Phillips, Maine.

The 1910 Census for Phillips, Maine (thank you again, Ancestry.com) shows Frank C. Rollins (54) living with his wife Capitola (44), and their daughters, Elsie (14), Maple (8), and Aldo (7), and a son, Berchal (3).  Frank was a machinist for the railroad, Capitola was a laundress, and it appears Elsie was working at repairing bicycles.  At age 14 … very industrious!  Interestingly, the Census also shows this was a second marriage for Frank and Capitola.  Wonder if any of these children are from former marriages?

The 1920 Census shows the family had expanded.  Frank (still with the railroad) and Capitola (working for a toothpick mill) now live with daughters Maple (18) and Talo (16) [Aldo?], and a son named Alsie [aha – not Elsie, but Alsie – perhaps this explains the bicycle thing … it also shows you can’t count on the names in a census to be 100% accurate].  Alsie is now married to Gladys, and they have a daughter, Mildred (2).  Birchel (12) is also at home, and there is a boarder, Nancy Coffren.

The 1930 Census shows Frank and Capitola now living with a niece, Arzena Dyer, next door to their son, Birchel, who now has his own family.  The rest of the family is no longer living in this household, and are likely out on their own.  Perhaps this is when Maple began working for “Mother” in Newark?

Then, I found a marriage record, dated April 30, 1938, for Maple D. Rollins and Harry L. Cook … awww !

Two years later, there they are in the 1940 Census.  Harry, age 33, works in a local shoe factory, as does Maple, now age 38.  [Interestingly, this Census also shows Capitola is a widow, living with Alsie, who is a mechanic at a garage – that bicycle thing was clearly an early sign of his talents!]

There isn’t much further information on Maple, except for a Social Security death record for Maple R. Cook, who died in January 1991, in Farmington, Maine.  I noticed three family trees on Ancestry.com, but Maple is pretty much a “collateral” relative in all of them.  However, one tree lists full names for her siblings, so I think that is clearly the next step – try to get information on Maple’s siblings in hopes of finding a descendant who would be interested in owning this photograph. I saw no records indicating that Maple and Harry had children, but apparently someone remembered Maple fondly enough to keep this photo of her.

“Maple D. Rollins – girl from Phillips Maine who worked for Mother when Bobby was a baby at 16 Schley Street, Newark, NJ”  Just enough information to tell a whole story … almost . . . .