End of the Summer

If you’re interested in this photo reunion project of mine, perhaps you’d like to read about others who are doing the same thing.  Here are some of my current favorites:

The Lost Gallery has tons of fun photos – not all are “reunion-able,” but the comments of the blog owner are usually pretty smile-worthy.


Connie at Forgotten Old Photos posts every day, and has a column where she describes some of her successful reunions.


The Archivist at Family Photo Reunion is in Canada, and finds some of the best photos – really lovely.


At the Cabinet Card Gallery, there’s a post every day, and even the history of the photographer is explored.


“Mrs. Marvel” at Who Were They? posts some very cool pictures, and attempts to draw conclusions based on clues in the settings and clothes in the photo. I’ve learned a lot from her sharp eye.


Last, but certainly not least, is the site that got me started — Caroline Pointer’s “48-Hour Challenge”:


At the 48-Hour Challenge, Caroline posts photos and members of the Forum  examine them to see what story they can draw from online sources, and whether it’s possible to locate family members.  Once I read through a few of her challenges, I thought I’d try to flex my muscles, and this blog is a direct result.

So, thanks, Caroline … and thanks to you other bloggers who inspire me and challenge me, and who keep those faces alive.

NOTE: If you’re wondering what the above picture has to do with photo blogs I like, the answer is … very little.  It’s a photo I stumbled across from a summer trip many, MANY years ago.  It’s not a very good picture, but it immediately evokes a feeling for me, and it makes me smile.  Had to put it somewhere, right?