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How could I NOT be intrigued by this face ???

Dorothy A. (Dunn) Bayley

Especially when it had a name attached – “Dorothy A. Dunn (Bayley)” was written on the back.

I was “shopping” on Etsy.com one rainy weekend in April, and ran across that little face.  I contacted the seller, Becky, with a question, and told her about my hobby of trying to connect orphaned photographs with their families.  I had no idea what that one little question would unleash.  Becky sent me a scan of another photo in her collection which also had the name Dunn on the back –

Jeannette (Williams) Dunn

Were they mother and daughter? sisters? I had to know, so I bought the pictures, and began searching.

Almost immediately, I ran across an online article about Dunn Gardens in Seattle, Washington.  On the web page was a photo of Arthur and Jeanette Dunn – JEANETTE!  Just like on the back of the second photo – this had to be my same Jeanette.  As I continued my search, I found some contact information for Dunn Gardens, and sent an e-mail to the Administrator, letting her know that I had found the photos and asking if she knew how I could get them to the family.  She responded the next day, and copied two members of the Dunn family.  I sent them scans of the two photos, and Chris Bayley (one of Dorothy’s children) responded by e-mail to say that they were indeed his family and that he had never seen either photograph – how exciting !  I just love it when that happens !!  The originals went in the mail immediately.

Thus began a long-distance conversation about a fascinating family, in which I learned that Jeannette was Dorothy’s mother.  The thing is, these two photos led to about a dozen more !  Becky, the seller on Etsy, corresponded with me about several other photographs in her collection.  Come back later this week to see some of those photos and to learn more about the Dunn family.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

Join me for Part Two of this story, in which you will learn how Chris Bayley and I discovered what a small world we live in.