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As I mentioned in my last post, the discovery of a photo of Dorothy Dunn Bayley (1908 – 2003) led me to many more photos.  Becky, the Etsy.com seller who had the first two, encouraged me to look at her other photographs to see if any others might be connected.  She also offered to check them against the handwriting on the original two (which was the same) to see if any were similar.  She found 13 more !!  Take a look at some of these fabulous faces . . .

Anna Williams – 1893

Jeanette And Edward

Lottie Hume Sewall

Mrs. Russell E Sewall (Lottie’s mother-in-law)

Can you believe it ?? What a treasure!  I contacted Chris Bayley to let him know that I had purchased more photographs, and he and I began unraveling the “ties that bind” them all together into the Williams/Dunn/Bayley/Sewall family.  Chris offered to mail me more information on his family, and one day in the mail, I received a book:  “1121 Union,” written by Chris’s uncle (Dorothy’s brother), Edward B. Dunn.  It’s really a terrific look at some of the early history of Seattle, seen from one of its most prestigious neighborhoods.  Edward died in 1991, but left this amazing work for future generations.  It is a warm, very personal story, and I have enjoyed reading every word.  The faces I found in photographs had come to life.

As Chris and I corresponded, we got to know each other a bit, and actually found that we have a personal connection.  Through his work as an attorney, Chris has been an active member of the American Bar Association.  One of the partners of a law firm where I worked in the 1980s became President of the American Bar Association, and he and Chris were acquainted through some of their work together.  It’s a tiny connection, I know, but still kind of amazing, given the time and geographical distances involved.

Chris e-mailed me in July to let me know that the Bayley-Dunn family was preparing to have a party on the Great Lawn at the Dunn Historic Garden.  He had assembled the photographs we located and put them together in an album for the family.  He was also gracious enough to extend to me an invitation, if I’m ever in the Seattle area in August, to join the party.  Sounds like just the excuse I need to plan our next vacation !

This is a dynamic, community-oriented family, and I have been privileged to get to know them just a little.  You never know what will come from one little face:

Dorothy Dunn Bayley