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It’s reunion week here at Grandma’s Picture Box !!

First, the Waage/Plocher/Krenzer album made its way home.  And then the very next day, I got a message in response to the photo of James Justice.  I found Rev. Justice’s photograph in Asheville, NC last April, and posted about him in July.

James M Justice

James M Justice

This week, I was contacted by Rev. Justice’s granddaughter, Jennifer.  She is the daughter of his only son, Samuel, and has four siblings.  Jennifer was also able to give me more information on James and Samuel and their careers and families:

      James Monroe Justice – born 4/10/1876 was the Superintendent of Henderson County Schools at the age of 19.  At the age of 23, he decided if he was going to remain in education that he should get the necessary education credentials and he attended the University of North Carolina for 2 years.  During this time he decided to go into the Ministry and transferred to Wake Forest and then went to the Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.  He spent a year in Cuba tutoring a family of children and as the story goes he taught them English and they in turn taught him Spanish. He returned to the US and married my grandmother – Mattie (Martha) Lou Cox in 1908 in Georgia. I believe it was in 1912 that they went to Buenos Aires, Argentina on a mission and my dad was born on 8/28/1913. It was in either 1917 or 1918 when they returned to the US.  The history reports that they lived in Hendersonville for 6 months, then in Black Mountain where he was a Pastor until 1922, next in Bryson City for a year.  They then moved to Kansas City, MO, where he was in charge of the operation projecting work for the Baptist Convention working in both Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, Kansas for 3.5 years.  They returned to Black Mountain around 1927 and then to Hendersonville to recuperate from his ill health.  He died in Hendersonville on 10/28/1938.  I believe my dad was in college at the University of Missouri – School of Journalism at the time of his father’s death. My grandmother died in 9/47.
      My dad [ Samuel Justice ] moved to Charlotte, N.C following college and wrote for the Charlotte Observer.  As you know he joined the Navy and was a Lieutenant.  He met my mother at a dance in New York City when he was on leave and they married 6 months later on 11/20/44.  He spent the majority of his career in  Public Relations.  He was the Washington correspondent for Business Weekly and the family lived in Maryland for approximately 10 years.  We then moved to NY where he worked in the banking industry in Financial Public Relations.  We lived in Yonkers, NY for 30+ years.  After retirement my parents lived in New Jersey and then Sarasota, Fl.  Both are now deceased.  Dad died 12/14/2000 and my mom 3/17/2003.

Jennifer, thanks so much for telling us the story of your family.  I just knew that face had an interesting life ahead of him.  Speaking of the face, apparently Jennifer’s sister really looks like their grandfather – amazing to see yourself in a photo from this era!

Two fun parts of this reunion story:  (1) The Justice family is headed for a family reunion this summer – what a happy coincidence that Jennifer discovered this photo in time to have it there for everyone to see; and (2) Jennifer’s husband is a historian in their community – wouldn’t I just love to spend an hour picking his brain on research techniques ????

Every time this happens, I am amazed and excited and reminded once again that this big ol’ world isn’t always so big.  Every life is an important one.  Every family is completely unique.  Every person leaves an imprint.

Welcome home, Reverend Justice … you’ve had a long journey !!